We like to create websites for interesting people, websites devoted to casual and unusual activity, to wonderful human and non-human beings, to miracles and oddities, to dreams and everyday realities…

We work on both European and Russian markets, cooperating with people who really like what they do.

This is how we take part in the game of the Spirit, making the world for ourselves deeper.


beloveresk beloveresk
“Beloveresk” - esoteric
dating website.
“Vantit” - regional
historiy website.


zausidhe nordholm
Zau's site - a witch's
personal page.  
Nordic Holm - a craftsman's

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Here you can see the websites, which were fully and totally created by us. Together with our clients we nurtured ideas, fulfilled them in designs, and then implemented on the web-platform. What you see now are the real Simple Magic Websites, which live their own life in the Web and bring joy to those who visit them.