We like to create websites for interesting people, websites devoted to casual and unusual activity, to wonderful human and non-human beings, to miracles and oddities, to dreams and everyday realities…

We work on both European and Russian markets, cooperating with people who really like what they do.

This is how we take part in the game of the Spirit, making the world for ourselves deeper.

How much do our websites cost?

The price of a Simple Magic Website is calculated individually. Please, fill in and email us this brief, and we will calculate the costs for you.

Cost of constructing and programming a website on the base of your design starts from 500$.

Refinement of your existing design or customization of a template – 300 $.

Only design without construction, etc. - from 500 $.

Technical support of your website (backup, website’s structure modifications, installation of new components, upgrading the template, etc.) - 25 $ / hour.

Content management (updating news, uploading information, adding photos, videos, etc.) - 20 $ / hour.

Magical texts for your website in Russian and English - 30 $ per 2500 characters (standard A4 page, Times new roman, 14).

Writing texts in other languages ??according to traditions of business correspondence, existing in the selected country - 60 $ per 2500 characters.

Slogans, mottos, mission descriptions are created in cooperation with you and assessed individually, but the price will be understandable and acceptable to you)))

Proofreading of your texts - 7 $ per 2500 characters.

Creation of English and other language versions of your website:

Professional translations checked by native speakers - 30 $ for 2500 characters of translated text in one of 26 languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and many others ...

Contact us to make sure that we have at hand a translator in the language that you need!

Free amenities:

After the new website is launched, we give you one moths of free maintenance, free training in administering it, and free consultations. We will help you solve all the issues with the new website and feel confident as a web-manager. This includes creation of first 10-15 content pages, corrections in design and structure of the website, updating and configuring program features, and other minor changes.

A very important notice:

We do our job because we like it, but we do it for money. And for your money we are responsible to ensure that you receive the website that you want.

On the other hand, we need your help with this task.

We expect from you that you'll be in touch; you’ll provide all the necessary information accurately and pay for our work timely (which will incredibly unburden your karma).

New clients are required to prepay 50% of calculated costs, old ones - 25% of costs in advance.