We like to create websites for interesting people, websites devoted to casual and unusual activity, to wonderful human and non-human beings, to miracles and oddities, to dreams and everyday realities…

We work on both European and Russian markets, cooperating with people who really like what they do.

This is how we take part in the game of the Spirit, making the world for ourselves deeper.

Stages of work

The stages of creating a website

1. Drafting and discussing

Together with you we discuss what kind of website you want, how it should look like, decide on structure and headings, technical features, choose a domain name, etc.

As a result of our discussion, the Requirements Specification is formulated, and it becomes clear what we should do, and how much money this work costs.

If our conditions suit you, you transfer the advance payment and the work begins ...

2.  Drafting and drawing

This is the stage when the design is created. Backgrounds, headers, pictures, buttons, fonts. Usually, creating a “Simple magic design” takes us about 2 or 3 weeks. Sometimes a little less. Sometimes a little more.

When the design is finished, we show it you, and then start refining it according to your desires.

The output is a ready-made layout of your website in the Photoshop formatting.

3. Website building

As soon as you say, "Yes! This design is exactly what my website should look like!", the design falls into the hands of our web-builders and gets transformed into a unique template. Hosting is chosen, content management system is installed and tested. The new website is registered in the search engines.

It usually takes us 2 or 3 weeks. As a result a new ready to use website appears in the Internet. Your own Simple Magic Website.

In addition you get a set of tutorials and instructions for content management.


4. Placing the content

The entire first month we help you learn how to handle your website, put there information and pictures, and during all that time we are responsible for all technical questions, and if necessary, make some adjustments according to your wishes in the website structure and design.

Hooray! As soon as this month has passed, we consider our work completed and release the website from our care entirely to your hands.

Of course, there is an option to delegate the content management to us, or to use us as a part-time help further on.