We like to create websites for interesting people, websites devoted to casual and unusual activity, to wonderful human and non-human beings, to miracles and oddities, to dreams and everyday realities…

We work on both European and Russian markets, cooperating with people who really like what they do.

This is how we take part in the game of the Spirit, making the world for ourselves deeper.

What we do?

  1. We build tailor-cut websites of different complexity, ranging from simplest web-pages to online-shops,
  2. Draw unique website-designs,
  3. Create design elements for template-based websites,
  4. Add forums or guest books and link social network-pages to websites,
  5. Write creative content for your websites.
  6. Make translations and create English and other-language versions of your website,
  7. Optimize your website for search-engines
  8. Help you in selecting domain name and hosting provider,

With whom do we work:

  • Those, who want a website for an interesting commercial or public activity;
  • Those, who are looking for a platform for self-fulfillment and discussion;
  • Those, who want a personal webpage – artists, writers, photographers, actors, craftsmen.

With whom do we not work:

  • Distributors of extremistic, pornographic or other “dirty” content,
  • With managers and intermediaries. Only us and direct customers.